If you share our values and think that our activities contribute to a better life for our people, join us. To make state institutions available, through our legal and administrative assistance, as well as through the organization of humanitarian aid and humanitarian actions, you can support us in many ways.

The humanitarian organization Una Serbica receives support for its work from domestic and foreign donors, Una Serbica is a non-profit organization that directs the received donations as a direct support to all our people who need help and their better life. With your support, regardless of the amount, value, or regularity of giving, you will enable the quality of life of our people to be raised.

You can find ways to help below.

For all our people, your little will help a lot…


Dinar account:


payment code for cash: 188,
for electronic fund transfer: 288 

Foreign currency account: 0070800054417

IBAN RS35205007080005441725

* For donations via PayPal, you need to enter your email.

Dinar account

Foreign currency account

IPS QR Code Scan

You can make a payment by scanning the IPS QR code with your bank's mobile application (if supported). All you have to do is enter the desired amount of the donation and make the payment.

PayPal donation

Enter the desired donation amount in euros

Donor boxes

Every two months, the organization counts money from donor boxes.
All collected donations from donor boxes will be publicly published on the website of the organization Una Serbica, with the exact amount for each location.

The money will be counted with the presence and signature of the members of the board of directors.

You can find donor boxes at the following locations in Belgrade:

Delta City Mall
Yuri Gagarin 16 | New Belgrade
Beovel exchange office
Braće Smiljanić 9 | Batajnica
Restaurant of local cuisine Bosiljak
8. nova 17 | Batajnica
DIS Market
Kablarska bb | Novi Banovci

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Work hour

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 16:00